Figaro 01


Figaro and Tabitha’s fabulous owner Emily was kind enough to write up bios on the real kitties behind ‘Gatos de Noticias’ and lend a few photos to the site! (I also saved her captions for the pictures, because they are delightful).

Figaro’s Story: Figaro was found playing alone in a pile of leaves as a tiny little kitten in the fall of 2008 and was adopted by his Dad through a nearby veterinary clinic shortly thereafter and named after the cat in Pinocchio. Much to his Dad’s annoyance, his Mom loves bad puns and wordplay almost as much as she loves snacks and scientists and began making up monikers such as Sir Figaro Newton shortly after meeting him.

 Figaro’s personality: Figaro is a very sweet, very laid back boy who just wants to be where the people are. He will oftentimes wake himself up from a good snuggle session on Mom’s lap just so that he can crawl up closer and continue sleeping on her chest. Or face. He thinks Tabitha is the cat’s meow and has loved her since the moment they met.

A typical day for Figaro: Motivate and spot Mom while she does her morning workout, wait in the bathroom with Tabitha while Mom showers and then help dry her legs by licking the excess water off them, impatiently stomp around the bedroom while Mom gets dressed, guide and remind her where the food bowls are kept and then finally enjoy some well-earned breakfast kibble.

Likes: Treats and snoozin’, plush blankets, trying to snuggle with Tabitha, stretching his neck out really far when he’s lying down so he kind of looks like a furry alligator, closely supervising workmen when they come by the house, chin scritchies, watching TV, tomato sauce, and shedding like a maniac in the summer.

Dislikes: Being picked up, untidy litter boxes, being able to see the bottom of his food bowl.



Figaro 02

Figaro loves the Internet almost as much as the Internet loves cats.


T and F 01

High fiving Tabitha in his sleep.


T and F 02

Winter storm snuggling with Tabitha.