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I’ve just written so much about our cats, and now I don’t really know what to say about myself! I’ll start with the basics. My name is Georgia Dunn, and I’m an illustrator. Usually I’m a children’s illustrator and I sell my watercolor and ink illustrations online in my Etsy shop, in brick and mortar shops, and to whomever will publish me, which is most often educational magazines or independent publications.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island, by the sea, in the forest… It was a very lovely way to grow up, and greatly influenced everything I like to draw. I graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and I’ve been illustrating since then, with most of my “success” (and by “success” I meaning “paying some of the bills, but usually not all”) starting in 2010 when I left my day job at a bank to focus on illustrating full time. When I’m not painting, I like to work on webcomics. Reading and writing comics is how I like to unwind, and BREAKING CAT NEWS came about one night when I tweeted a few jokes as our cat Lupin playing a newscaster. Friends thought it was funny, I decided to draw it, and when I posted it the response was so great I drew a few more strips. It went from there.

BREAKING CAT NEWS is based on our real cats Elvis, Puck, and Lupin and how they react to our day to day life.Β In 2010 I began dating “the Man” you see in BREAKING CAT NEWS, my husband Ryan. We had been friends for years, when five days after our first date he asked me to move 3,000 miles to live in Seattle with him. Kinda crazy, but love makes us do crazy things, and so Elvis and I packed up our apartment and hit the road with Ryan. We were married a little over a year later, and adopted Puck and Lupin in 2011 and 2012 respectively. We had our first child in 2013, a little boy named Luke. In 2015 we had our daughter Gwen. They eventually joined the comic has “the Toddler” and “the Baby.” We spent a couple of years bouncing around the country as Ryan’s job took us to Rhode Island again, then to California, and finally back to Washington. We’re back where we started, and pretty delighted to be in the Pacific Northwest!

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If you have any questions for me, on how I put the comic together, write it, draw it, or about the cats, about myself, anything, check out the F.A.Q. page! If your question isn’t addressed there, please feel free to email me at breakingcatnews@gmail.comΒ !

Likes: Painting, writing, comics, antiques, flea markets, British mystery shows. Dislikes: Mayo, humidity


Georgia 03

Puck assisting me in updating the comic.

Georgia 08

In Hollywood a couple of years ago.

Georgia 05

Puck and I share a love of food.

Georgia 04

I have the privilege of being pretty much the only person Elvis allows near him.

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