Tabitha 01


Figaro and Tabitha’s fabulous owner Emily was kind enough to write up bios on the real kitties behind ‘Gatos de Noticias’ and lend a few photos to the site! (I also saved her captions for the pictures, because they are delightful).

Tabitha’s story: Tabitha was found through and adopted through the Rhode Island Friends of Felines when she was about seven months old, in February of 2013. Her full name is Tabitha Minerva – after Tabitha Twitchit (the lovely mother of Beatrix Potter’s unruly Tom Kitten) and Harry Potter’s Professor Minerva McGonagall (and because of the little M on her forehead).

Tabitha’s personality: Tabitha is super sweet and dainty, but also very expressive, intense, and independent, and has no time for nonsense except on the rare occasions when she unwinds with some catnip. If she gets too stimulated, she’ll usually run to her cardboard scratching post in her “office” nook behind the bathroom door and scratch away her feelings.

A typical day for Tabitha: Wake up and stretch when Mom’s alarm goes off, wait for her with Figaro while she showers and then almost get stepped on, munch on some nice breakfast kibble, and then she’s ready to really start digging into the day’s big tasks, like napping in the office chair, napping on the couch, and napping back on the bed.

Likes: Snuggling, moderation, milk at the bottom of cereal bowls, Chobani yogurt, scooping up water to drink with her paw, cardboard scratching posts, rolling around on rugs or carpeting, squeaking, being told she’s beautiful, catnip mice

Dislikes: Most men, too much contact or stimuli, admitting that she secretly loves Figaro.


Tabitha 02

Trying to convince Emily to give her the cereal bowl.


Tabitha 03



T and F 03

Foot drama, part II