The boys 01

The boys at Christmas 2013


The boys 03

Afternoon lounging, when Lupin was still a kitten.


The Boys 07

The boys at breakfast.


The boys 04

I promise we only break on the ties on special occasions. This was during a charity marathon in our home.


The Boys 10

Lupin and Elvis, head butting in their sleep.


The Boys 11

Puck and Lupin, napping in their favorite sunspot.


Puck 09

Puck and Lupin, when Lupin was a baby.


The Boys 06

Puck and baby Lupin, resting on the couch.


The Boys 15

We took a lot of photos of this nap… But I mean… LOOK AT THIS NAP.


The Boys 16



The Boys 17

Lupin playing with Elvis’s tail.


The Boys 09

The boys relaxing on our bed.


The Boys 12

Napping on the couch.


The Boys 13

It’s a very popular couch.


The boys 02

Lupin investigates the camera during the Christmas 2013 photo shoot.


The People

The People (in the Man’s shorter hair days).


The Man

“The Man”, my husband Ryan.


The Man 01

The Man and the boys.


The Boys 14

Nap time


Georgia 10

“The Woman”, myself Georgia


Georgia 04

The Woman and Elvis


Georgia 07

I’m pretty enthusiastic about cats….


The Man 02

The Man, before and after he lost his tail.


The Man 03

The Man and the tail itself, ready to be donated to ‘Locks of Love’!



Elvis dislikes change!


Halloween 02

Some more of our Halloween decorations!


Halloween 03

A few of the “Puck pictures/statues” in the apartment for Halloween!


Halloween 01

Puck and Lupin investigate a pumpkin bucket.


Elvis 15

The first time Elvis encountered another cat (this was a lost kitty we took in for a few days before locating her owner!)


The Boys 18

Elvis and Puck enjoying a heating vent in our old house back in Seattle.