Lupin 01 Lupin’s Story: Like Puck, Lupin had a difficult start in life. When he was 2-3 weeks old, Lupin and his siblings were discovered locked in the closet of an abandoned apartment with no mother to be found. They were brought to Purrfect Pals, a no-kill shelter in Washington state, and taken in by a family fostering a mother cat raising a single kitten. The Mama cat and kitten welcomed Lupin and his siblings, and they were nursed as kin.

From the conditions they suffered during the time they were trapped in the closet, Lupin developed a terrible fever. He survived, but lost the tip of his tail due to poor circulation (this is why his tail is sometimes noticeably shorter than Elvis and Puck’s tails in the comic). Soon after his recovery his foster family noticed that while the other kittens came running at the sound of a cat food can, Lupin remained curled up happily asleep. Further investigation confirmed he was deaf. While many cats with blue eyes are born deaf, Lupin has green eyes and all of his white, green-eyed siblings could hear just fine. It’s believed his deafness is a lasting result of the fever.

His rough start did not keep Lupin down long, however, nor did his disability! Lupin came to live with us when he was about 10-12 weeks old. From the beginning he has been friendly, out going, and fearless. He chases the vacuum, stands in the running shower, and he leaps over baby gates like a tiny thundering stallion. (He is very loud). We have to hide the coin dish because Lupin enjoys picking through it with his teeth, carefully selecting a coin, and throwing it down the hall to chase all over the house. (At 2am). He is a delightful, clever cat.

Lupin’s personality: Lupin is brave, curious, and ready for anything. Elvis and Puck were not sure what to make of him at first. He meows like a siren and likes to knock metal pans off the counter. He startles Elvis regularly, and does not seem to understand Puck just wants to be left alone after breakfast to watch birds. Even now sometimes it’s clear there is still some confusion between the three of them, but they love to play and cuddle and have become fast friends.

In our house, Lupin is the cat ambassador to our visitors. While Elvis will stalk from afar and Puck is content to hide under a table, Lupin is in everyone’s lap, rubbing ankles, and bumping chins. He is a very friendly, interested cat and must look into everything all the time. He climbs like a monkey and routinely sneaks into all the cabinets. It is very common in our home to open a drawer and have Lupin pop out.

A typical day for Lupin: No two days are the same for Lupin. One moment he is scaling a bookshelf, the next he is jumping into the (sometimes full) bathtub. He is constantly on the go, until he crashes hard into a nap, curling over a sun spot until his energy returns, his eyes snap open, and he takes off into the curtains for more adventure. He knocks everything over, bats anything under the bed, and yet is surprisingly very careful and not at all destructive. He is so thorough while investigating an object, that his curiosity borders on a scientific respect for the unknown and thus he often cautiously ferries an item away to study it at his own pace.

Likes: Tossing coins, milk carton rings, bottle caps, glasses of water, staring into light bulbs and then chasing the ‘bright dots’ in his eyes, chin rubs.

Dislikes: Boundaries, the smell of mint, not being allowed somewhere.

A sampling of Lupin inside cupboards and drawers.

Lupin 02

We still don’t know how he got onto this wall statue.

Lupin 05

He is a sweetie puff.

Lupin 07

Endlessly interested in everything.

Lupin 08

Spilling out of a cupboard.

Lupin 09

Looking for Santa.

Lupin 11

He is the Man’s best friend.

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